"A good sniper is terrifying. Hidden death that lurks in a hillside, unseen and able to quench targets with a single bullet. If you are lucky, such a threat will only send a chill down your spine...and if you're not, well, you might never hear the shot."

Introduction to Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are long rifles which are designed to engage targets at extreme distances. Most sniper rifles make use of high-caliber ammunition, although this is not necessarily the case, and are typically designed to allow the user to make high-precision shots. Before the advent of assault rifles, sniper rifles were typically no more than common bolt-action or semi-automatic battle rifles with an attached scope and other minor modifications.

The list below will show you the many sniper rifles in the mod, teaching you how to assemble and use them. If you have any more doubts or problems about any of the rifles, feel free to contact the team at Vic's Modern Warfare Forums at Curse.com.

List of Sniper Rifles

List of Anti-Material Rifles

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