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Introduction to Handguns, Machine Pistols and Revolvers

Handguns are small handheld weapons that can be used on either hands, their effective range diminishes quickly over mid to long range encounters, making them mostly effective at close range combat.

Machine Pistols are mostly blow-back action fully automatic or burst fire handguns. Machine pistols are basically fully automatic versions of normal handguns, they have a very high fire rate, making most of them effective only at short ranges. They make great personal defense weapons, but the sheer fire rate makes it ineffective at mid to long range combat.

Revolvers are repeating handguns that has a revolving cylinder containing multiple chambers and at least one barrel for firing. Revolvers might be regarded as a subset of pistols, or as an equal-ranking subset of handguns, distinct from pistols, which in this case are defined as handguns with a single chamber.

The list below will show you the many types of handguns in the mod, teaching you how to assemble and use them. If you have any more doubts or problems about any of the rifles, feel free to contact the team at Vic's Modern Warfare Forums at

List of Handguns

  • HK P2000
  • HK USP .45
  • SIG Sauer P226
  • SIG Sauer P224
  • SIG Sauer P229
  • M9 Beretta
  • M1911
  • Desert Eagle .50 AE IMI
  • Desert Eagle .44
  • Makarov PM
  • Glock-17
  • Glock-21
  • Glock-32
  • Luger P08
  • Browning HP
  • TT-33
  • M1935A
  • FN57
  • Makarov PB
  • Walther P38
  • Colt Model 1903
  • FN FNP 
  • Kimber Warrior Pistols (Vic didn't specify which one is he adding)
  • Walther P99
  • MP-443 Grach
  • Beretta Px4
  • P9
  • Mk23
  • AF-1
  • FN G35
  • CZ75
  • M45 MEU
  • Five-seveN
  • HS2000
  • HS95
  • Jericho 941
  • PF-9
  • Type 64
  • P320
  • XDM
  • GB
  • Vektor SP
  • P1
  • CR75
  • FNX45
  • HS-95
  • HK45
  • M&P 22 Compact
  • Walther pk .380
  • AMT AutoMag V
  • GSH-18
  • P9 GBB
  • Maxim 9
  • Taurus Pistols (Vic didn't specify which one is he adding)

List of Machine Pistols

  • Tec-9
  • Glock-18C
  • M93R "Raffika"
  • MAC-10
  • MAC-11
  • UZI Series (Unspecified)
  • OTs-02 Kiparis
  • Mauser M712
  • CBJ-MS
  • Mauser C96

List of Revolvers

  • SW 500
  • Webley Mk II
  • Webley Mk VI
  • MR-73
  • Taurus Revolvers (Vic didn't specify which one is he adding)
  • Chiappa Rhino 60DS
  • .357 Colt Python