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TheRealAsKye TheRealAsKye 5 May 2020


Hi ! Im requesting to you, one thing, Im creating a server with your mod, and I need something very important for me and the server. Im creating minigames with guns (Top kill in 5 minutes, so able to respawn) But the weapons are not loaded with ammuntions when the players respawn, so he can be killed easy, I need just a config or a "speaciel version" were you put the weapons with infinite ammuntions loaded in, when you take it in the inventory but, If you shot 30 Bullet you have to reload, but don't need to have magazine or ammo in your inventory, hope you understand. I can pay 10$ and it is negotiable, please reply at : If you have questions, please on my mail :D Version of the mod : mw_2.0-…

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